What are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are shoes that have thickened sections of the insoles (known as lifts) and
known as Height Increase shoes under the heels to make the wearer appear taller, or "elevate" them as the name suggests.

Special Features Of Elevator Shoes

1. Wearing our shoes it will increase your height unnoticed by others.
2. It will enhance gentlemen’s physical appearance.
3. Our shoes are made of highest quality leather and with best quality materials so long life by normal shoes.
4. Instantly Increase your height 2" – 3.5" Inches.
5. Increase height invisibly.
6. Get result instantly no need to wait any more.
7. Enhance your personality naturally.
8. Increase your confidence automatically.

An elevator shoe, like the platform shoe's heel can be made from different soles like plastic, wood, or rubber. There are some elevator shoes that increase the height of a wearer by 2.6" to 3.2" and even by up to 4".

Unlike high-heeled shoes, the component of elevator shoes that increases the wearer's height is inside the shoe, hiding it from observers. Shoes with thickened soles are also used in cases of orthopaedic problems, although the term elevator shoe is not usually used for these.

Also referred to as lift shoes or height-increasing shoes, from the outside, elevator shoes look like any other footwear. They may have a heel, but it is not excessively high - it just looks like an average heel on an average shoe.

Inside the shoe and positioned under the foot, is a raised platform or sole that invisibly adds height to the shoe, giving the wearer the appearance of being taller.

While these types of shoes are available for women and guys, there are many more options in this type of footwear for men than there are for women. Presumably this is because off-the-rack women's footwear offers more heel options.


Where Buy Elevator Shoes In India

Since height increasing shoes are a specialty item and wearing them might require a bit of adjustment, the best case scenario would be to try them on before purchasing. However, they may be difficult to find at a general department store or your local shoe store. Below are a few web sites that carry height increasing shoes.

Here we suggest these websites for wide range of elevator shoes with reasonable prices.

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How Much Height Will Elevator Shoes Add?

This depends largely on the manufacturer and the style of the shoe, but typically lift shoes add between 2 and 4 inches. In some cases, the more height that is added, the less the shoes look like "regular" shoes.

This is because the sides of the shoes need to be higher to accommodate taller lifts, or because the heel height needs to increase to deliver the extra height. Shopping around will help you find elevator shoes that add height, but still look the way you want.


How To Look Taller With Mens Elevator shoes

Mens elevator shoes can secretly increase a man's height. Men are conscious about their appearance just like women, but in different ways. Men are more concerned about their height than women because a taller man attracts more attention from the opposite sex. Women can wear high heels openly to increase their height, but there are no high heel shoes for men. Not to worry, mens elevator shoes look like regular leather dress shoes but are secretly designed to increase your height up to several inches.


 1. Mens elevator shoes come in all shapes and styles. They come in tennis shoes, dress shoes and boots. These shoes can add up to 4 inches in height for you. Be sure to pick a pair of pants with the right length for these shoes. Make sure the pants will cover up the "heel" of your shoes for the illusion of longer legs and appear taller overall. (see link below for a couple of high quality elevator shoes)

2. Mens elevator shoes can be very discrete when you look at it from the outside. It just looks like normal shoes. However, it is the high heels for man that easily adds inches to your actual height without revealing anything about your real height.

3.  In addition to wearing mens elevator shoes, you should also use hairstyle to make you appear taller. Choose a short hairstyle that emphasizes the crown and add will inches to your actual height.


What Any Side Effect To Wear Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes work immediately and with no side effects or negative consequences. Depending on your foot size, elevator shoes can increase your height by two to almost four inches.

When you are wearing elevator shoes, no one will be able to tell that you are wearing special shoes. Have more confidence when you wear elevator shoes.

Get the respect you deserve and look more attractive to women every time you wear elevator shoes. Once you try elevator shoes, you'll wonder why you didn't sooner.


Shoes That Make Men Taller

While women are given the option of high-heeled shoes to appear taller, men are often left in the dark as to how to increase their height without being obvious about it. While men technically can wear anything they like, they would certainly get some strange looks as they walked down the street in a business suit and high heels. There are a few ways men can look taller without drawing attention to their feet.


Platform shoes have slightly thicker soles than traditional men's shoes, but can add 1 to 3 inches to a man's height. The concept is similar to women's platform shoes, where the soles are stacked to add substantially more height. An issue some find with the platform shoe is just how much larger the sole is. The height of the sole can draw attention to the fact that a man is wearing a platform shoe.

Elevator Shoe

Elevator shoes' heels are built up to create a slightly taller appearance. The heel of the shoe has a taller, but very thick platform in it that can increase the height of a man by 2 inches. The heel is built up from the inside of the shoe to create a taller appearance, while keeping the sole the same size as found in traditional men's shoes.

Invisible Elevator Shoe

 Invisible elevator shoes use the heightening aspect of the elevator shoe and place it on the inside of the sole to create a less obvious appearance. These shoes offer soles that are the same size as traditional men's shoes, but the inside of the heels and toes are built up with padding to create a higher appearance. The height increase can range from 1 to 3 inches, depending on preference and shoe style.


How to Increase Height After 23 Years

You have generally reached your maximum natural physical height after 23 years of age, but you can increase your height with the use of height-increasing shoes and inserts for your regular shoes.

If you are a woman you may be comfortable wearing high-heeled shoes, and if you are a man you may want to add inserts to your shoes. There are also certain stretches and types of torso and back strength straining exercises that can improve posture and elongate the spine. These training practices can be incorporated from yoga and Pilates routines.


What to Wear if You Are a Short and Skinny Man

What short and skinny men lack in height and weight, they make up for in clothing options. Short and skinny men may actually find it easier to find clothing to fit them more easily than taller and heavier men. In addition, certain clothing and shoe styles can add the illusion of height.

Colors and Fabrics

Avoiding certain patterns can help shorter men to appear taller. Fabrics made of plaid or checkered patterns can make short men look more compact. Instead, consider wearing solid colors in a darker shade. Wearing dark-colored shirts with matching colored pants will present a more elongated look, particularly when paired with a pair of shoes in the same color. Go easy on accessories such as necklaces or flashy belt buckles. Anything that breaks up the color pattern will counteract the illusion of length you are trying to create.

Properly Fitted Pants

Properly fitted pants are key when it comes to dressing short or skinny men. Cuffed pants can make your legs appear shorter. Instead, wear pants that have been properly hemmed just where the pants fall at the shoes; this will lend a sleek, stylish look that also adds the illusion of height. Pants that are too low at the rise will also make your legs look shorter. Instead, pants should be fitted in order to prevent the area between the waist and the crotch from appearing boxy. Also, whenever possible, avoid pleats, which cut into your clean, vertical line and can make you appear shorter.

High Neck Shirts

 V-neck T-shirts and sweaters can emphasis a skinny neck on thinner men. Instead, choosing high neck shirts such as crew necks and turtle necks can help to camouflage a thin looking neck and make the torso appear longer. Layering a turtle neck under a V-neck sweater or a long-sleeve knit under a T-shirt can also make thin men appear heavier.

Dressing in Layers

Thin men may benefit by layering their clothing in order to give the appearance of added bulk. Wearing a long-sleeve shirt under a T-shirt will not only hide skinny arms, but the extra layers of clothing can also give the appearance of broadness across the chest and back. In winter, choosing heavier coats and sweaters will give thinner men extra warmth and help to make them appear heavier, particularly when worn over other articles of clothing.


Increase Your Height Easily With Elevator Shoes

When it comes to looking taller, women usually have it easier than men. A pair of high heels not only will make them look taller, but are also quite fashionable. Unfortunately, men must look for other alternative solutions. Here is where elevator shoes come into the picture. Elevator shoes for men are the perfect solution if you want to add a few extra inches.

The reasons why people feel the need to look taller are many. Whether it is because taller men usually have more successful careers, better chances of getting a promotion or are more favoured by the employer. Men also feel the need to look taller in order to attract the opposite sex. It is proven that women always prefer tall men and feel safer and secure with someone taller. This way people have always searched for ways to look taller and have often appealed to drastic methods Some people have even considered surgery to increase their height. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to achieve this. Elevator shoes have been around for a while now, and have helped many insecure men regain their confidence. Nowadays, it’s possible to transform any pair of shoes into elevator shoes for men. Simply by adding some elevator shoes insoles, anyone can convert their favourite pair of shoes into one that will make them instantly taller. Made out of special materials, these insoles are very discrete, providing not only height but also comfort.

If you are looking for a way to increase your height by an inch, Airsole elevator insoles are special insoles designed to offer you just that, plus therapeutic comfort, ensuring that you not only look great, but also feel that way. These insoles that can transform any pair of shoes into elevator shoes, are made out of a special material designed to give you a bounce-back each time you step, absorbing the shock and helping your feet relax while you walk Another benefit of these insoles is that they will actually make you look thinner, since your weight will be distributed over a taller frame. This way you won’t have to buy elevator shoes for men for every occasion. One pair of elevator shoes insoles will do the trick and will probably save you lots of money on the long run. If height has always been a drawback for you, you now have the chance to look and feel more confident. Elevator shoes Insoles will give you the ego boost you need in order to get that raise or conquer that girl’s heart. Not only will your height increase, your general appearance and attractiveness will also be enhanced. All this with little to no effort and without anyone noticing them.


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